Managing employee vacations and absences

A cardholder’s access is tied to the Access Group of which they are a member. The access group defines where they can and cannot enter and the times of day – and days of week – that access is authorized.

However, when a cardholder is on vacation of some other form of leave, they should not be accessing the customer site at all.

Cogito’s Absence management feature enables this temporary lockout easily within the application.

A typical user’s profile includes an “Absences” tab. This can be used to add the start and end date of any scheduled absences and during this period the user would be denied access when presenting their card or other credentials. Several absences periods can be set up and these can be subsequently edited or removed.

Obviously managing an entire company’s vacation schedule within the security management system is not efficient. But using Cogito’s robust and comprehensive software development kit (SDK) it is straightforward to construct a customized and secure connection between Cogito and the company’s human resources management system (HRMS) that can automatically export vacation schedules directly to Cogito based on Active Directory or an identifier such as employee number.