Secure a facility instantly with Lockdown feature

The lockdown feature enables access points to be temporarily locked even to users with valid credentials during a schedule when they would normally have access. It is designed to be used in emergency situations where it is vital to keep individuals in their current location.

Cogito enables a physical switch or button, such as the one pictured, to be used to initiate the lockdown. Therefore the person initiating the lockdown does not require access to the Cogito application. This switch is connected to the input of a panel or a controller. However, the lockdown can be initiated manually through the Cogito interface or automatically in response to any other input such as an alarm being activated, denied entry or attempted forced entry of specific doors, passback attempt etc.

Setting up the lockdown switch and defining what door(s) it locks is a simple 3-part process.

  1. Select the input point
  2. Create an event rule
  3. Create a lockdown command

Select the input point:

Start by configuring the lockdown switch. This is set up as an input on the controller or panel. The switch will generate an input alarm when activated.

Create an event rule:

Select the input alarm event type and then select the device that will initiate the alarm event, in this case the lockdown switch.

Two types of command can be set up – server commands and device commands. A Server command requires, as the name suggests, access to the server in order for the lockdown to execute. A device command works directly and independent of the server so connectivity is not required. However a device command limits the lockdown to only the access points connected to the controller to which the lockdown switch is connected, whereas a server command can be used to lock any doors managed by Cogito.

Create the lockdown command:

Now the lockdown command can be set up under the event rule. From a list of available command options select “Lockdown” and then select the access points that will be locked from a list of those available. The access points that can be managed will depend on whether is configured as a device command or a server command.

Resetting after the lockdown:

Once the emergency is over, the system is easily reset to normal operations. Each access point can be viewed through the interface and unlocked with a mouse click.

Lockdown rules are easily set up within Cogito and a lockdown can be initiated through the software or through a dedicated switch or button. To learn more about this feature and how easy it is to configure and operate, please contact us.