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Cogito for Data Centers

Cogito Universal Security Management System is the front-end that integrates all your security management tasks. Cogito is a unified command center for managing and monitoring access control, video, alarms and more.

Data centers are among the most security-conscious business environments, responsible for the storage and movement of information and commerce for multiple commercial and government clients. And the security measures built into controlling access to networks and servers have to be matched by those ensuring the data center’s physical security.

Security for Data Centers

The Cogito Universal Security Management System enables access control, video monitoring and alarms to be seamlessly integrated, backed up by comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Data centers typically have tiered access control which becomes more stringent as it protects more critical assets. This concentric circle approach typically features proximity based access cards at the lower levels, which are used in combination with PIN pad access and intermediate levels and biometric devices such as fingerprint scanners or palm scanners in the most sensitive areas. Full integration with video management enables a visual record to be captured of every movement through an access point. As a data center is responsible for its clients’ continued business operations it may need to be able to show who had access and when to servers and infrastructure. Cogito’s reporting and auditability is key to providing the service levels required by demanding corporate clients.

Cogito can operate both locally and on a multi-site basis to manage employee access. Just as importantly, a sophisticated visitor management and badge modules enables visitor security cards to be issued, visitors to be checked in and out as well as their location monitored as they move through the building.


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