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Cogito Universal Security Management System is the front-end that integrates all your security management tasks. Cogito is a unified command center for managing and monitoring access control, video, alarms and more.

For universities, colleges and schools, it is not enough to secure offices, labs, libraries, classrooms, and campus buildings. The safety of students and staff is also a responsibility of the institution.

Common issues associated with educational facilities, include theft, vandalism, disruptive behaviour and intrusion by unauthorized visitors. Universities are frequently home to expensive equipment, proprietary and confidential research and data, and hazardous materials. Just as importantly, university campuses are home to often thousands of young people, many living away from home for the first time.

University campuses are used by thousands of individuals on a daily basis and access to individuals is typically based on their programmes, courses and residence. Cogito Security Management System provides integration with student management systems to activate and deactivate access instantly as students start and end courses. Depending on the security level required, access may be via proximity based access cards, typically integrated with the student ID card, PIN pads and biometric devices such as fingerprint readers. There is no limit on the number of users and the number of access points that can be managed by Cogito.

Sophisticated access control features can be used to alert when doors are being left open, attempts by students to share access cards (“passback”). Video monitoring is increasingly important and Cogito enables cameras and access points to be integrated so that video is captured each time an access point is used.

Universities are multi-building and often multi-campus. The Cogito system enables all access control, video surveillance and alarm management to be managed from a central point, although access such as alarms or incident alerts can be made available to residence managers and campus police/security, in their offices, homes or vehicles. Comprehensive analytics and reporting can be used not only to determine the extent and nature of security violations but also to determine student usage of labs, libraries, computer facilities.


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