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Cogito for Government Institutions

Cogito Universal Security Management System is the front-end that integrates all your security management tasks. Cogito is a unified command center for managing and monitoring access control, video, alarms and more.

Government entities operate multiple and diverse buildings and facilities which in turn have diverse access control and security needs.

For example, a municipal government may operate buildings as diverse as City Hall, fire halls, police stations, libraries, water treatment plants, waste management facilities as well as a variety of operations buildings and yards. Some of these are open – or at least partially open – to the public whereas others have very restricted access.

Cogito Universal Security Management System enables the security of multiple locations to be managed centrally and efficiently, encompassing access control, video surveillance and alarm monitoring.

Depending on the security level required, access may be managed via proximity based access cards, typically integrated with an employee ID badge created with Cogito’s badge printing module, PIN pads and biometric devices such as fingerprint readers. Integration with HR systems means that employee entry and exit from government facilities can also be used for time and attendance purposes.

Sophisticated access control features can be used to alert security staff in situations such as doors being left open or when attempts are made to open a door for which the cardholder is not authorized or an attempt is made to share access cards (“passback”). Cogito enables cameras and access points to be integrated so that video is captured each time an access point is used or one of these violations is attempted.

Time of day based access control can be used to ensure that increased security is in place for office areas at evenings and weekends, while the public may have access to libraries and recreation centres and community meeting rooms in evenings and at weekends.

Cogito’s monitoring capabilities, whether intrusion alarms, video-based alarms, or attempted access control violations, facilitate the immediate reporting of all events via on-screen alerts and on maps and building floorplan screens. Alarms may be prioritized and assigned to members of the security team for follow up and resolution. Comprehensive reporting enables analysis of these events.


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