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Cogito for Health Care

Cogito Universal Security Management System is the front-end that integrates all your security management tasks. Cogito is a unified command center for managing and monitoring access control, video, alarms and more.

Hospitals and health care facilities are public buildings that contain secure areas and are institutions with a duty to provide a safe and secure environment to staff, patients and visitors.

Security for Health Care

Both access control and ability to monitor activity are vital to managing the security requirements of healthcare facilities.

Cogito Security Management System integrates access control, video surveillance and alarm monitoring.

Like other public buildings, some areas of hospitals are restricted to staff and not available to the public. Cogito enables this through proximity based access cards and sophisticated cardholder access rights that are centrally managed based on roles or other criteria. Cogito’s badging module enables this access card to be integrated into staff ID cards.

Some areas of a hospital are subject to more stringent security. Records departments contain sensitive information and areas such as MRI and radiology contain potentially dangerous equipment and materials. The pharmacy is a particularly sensitive area. Cogito enables access cards to be used in conjunction with PIN pads or biometric devices such as fingerprint readers and by requiring the presentation of credentials both on entry and exit of the pharmacy, the amount of time spent by any member of staff can be recorded. Anti passback, door open alarms and other capabilities ensure access is not abused and lock/unlock schedules can enable security to be more stringent outside “regular” hours. By integrating access control with video, images of the cardholder can be captured on entry and exit or even during their entire time within the pharmacy.

A hospital’s duty of care means that additional security is required for those particularly vulnerable. Maternity and paediatric wards can be set up with more restrictive access or increased video surveillance with only a limited number of staff allowed access. Similarly psychiatric wards can be set up to require an access card or other credentials on exit and video captured every time a door is opened.

An unfortunate reality in healthcare is that staff sometimes have to deal with uncooperative members of the public. In these cases, or in a serious event such as a suspected abduction, a full lockdown capability can be used to secure all doors until the emergency has passes.

All these capabilities are supported by comprehensive reporting and analytics enabling hospital administration to identify attempts to breach security and direct resources appropriately and improve security processes.


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