Cogito for Transportation

Cogito Universal Security Management System is the front-end that integrates all your security management tasks. Cogito is a unified command center for managing and monitoring access control, video, alarms and more.

Airports and public transit hubs have repeatedly been targets for threats ranging from petty theft and disorderly behaviour through to terrorism. Securing the most sensitive areas of an airport from unauthorized access and monitoring the movement and location of individuals are of paramount importance.

Security for Transportation

Cogito’s integrated approach to access control, video monitoring and alarms management delivers the features necessary to meet the exacting requirements of government regulations through a simple to operate system.

Airports have varying levels of security requirements and the concentric security model is easily deployed by Cogito across a variety of access control devices. From securing vehicle gates, parking areas and general aviation facilities, through to restricting access to the “sterile” areas used by commercial aviation and airport staff within passenger terminals, access rights are managed on the basis of role. Access control cards are integrated with airport ID cards using Cogito’s Badging module.

Security staff constantly monitor access control, video and alarms through Cogito’s simple to use browser-based interface. Cogito’s area maps enable security staff to monitor all entry attempts, video and alarms across the entire airport using an on-screen map, then allowing zooming in to individual buildings and areas within buildings. The Cogito system then enables PTZ cameras to be directed to the source of a security issue.

In compliance with government regulations, Cogito captures a complete record of every use of an access card, PIN pad or biometric reader to determine the movements of individuals. Security staff can also monitor all unsuccessful attempts to open doors and gates if incorrect credentials (unauthorized access card, invalid PIN, non-matching fingerprint) are presented, and a camera attached to the door can capture an image of the individual, which in turn can be compared with staff photographs in the database. Video footage can be stored through local DVRs or through a number of externally hosted video services providers.

Threat level management features enable access rights to be changed for all cardholders within a couple of keystrokes in order to limit movement, or even a complete building lockdown in an appropriate emergency situation. Any alarm situation generates alerts to security staff with workflow for assessing issues and assigning staff to respond. Law enforcement can also be automatically alerted to respond to issues if deemed necessary.

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