SupremaSuprema Inc. is a leading global provider of biometrics technology and identity management solutions in biometrics and security. The company’s range of products includes fingerprint modules, biometric access control systems, e-passport readers and live-scanners. Suprema’s solutions are featured by integration of the excellent embedded system design capability and the strong backgrounds in theories and algorithms backed by a number of experts having the rich experience and extensive knowledge in the field of biometric solutions, embedded system design and signal processing


  • Bio Entry Plus


BioEntry Plus is an IP based ngerprint access control device featuring easy installation and user friendly operations.Integrated with both ngerprint and proximity card, BioEntry Plus covers a full range of access control applications from a simple standalone door control to complex networked access control systems.

  • Powerful 400MHz DSP
  • Intelligence at Doors
  • Versatile Interfaces -extra flexibility
  • IP-to-the-door Concept : Flexible & Cost-saving Solution
  • External Relay unit for secure door control and I/O expansion
  • Capacity upto 10000 fingerprint templates ,5000 users and 50000 log events
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  • BioEntry-W


BioEntry W exquisitely blends benefits of IP access control system with high-level security provided by fingerprint biometrics. Featuring vandal-resistance structure and IP65 rated structure, BioEntry W is ideal for outdoor installation with offering exceptional durability under harsh environment. With its extensive communication interfaces and PoE capability, BioEntry W is truly the ultimate outdoor fingerprint access control device.

  • Cutting-edge algorithm ranked top in FVC’s and MINEX
  • Ideal for harsh environment and outdoor installation
  • Heavy-duty Lexan™ resin housing with doubled thickness
  • 1:2,000 matches in 1 second
  • Power supply through a single CAT5/6 wiring
  • Versatile Interfaces: TCP/IP, RS485, Wiegand, relay
  • RF Card Options: 125 kHz HID Prox, 13.56MHz Mifare / DesFire, iClass SE
  • Capacity upto 10000 fingerprint templates ,5000 users and 50000 log events
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  • BioLite-net


Suprema introduces BioLite Net, the world’s smallest IP-based fingerprint terminal with time attendance and access control capability. With rugged IP65 rated waterproof structure, it offers extra durability and it’s perfect for outdoor installation. From simple door control to complex networked environment, BioLite Net supports full functionality of time attendance and access control. All features comes in an elegantly designed, slick and slim device.

  • Rugged structure for outdoor installation and extra durability
  • Fast and accurate fingerprint identification
  • 1 : 2,000 fingerprint identification in 1 second
  • Built-in keypad and RF card reader for multi-modal user authentication (Fingerprint, PIN, card)
  • 128 access groups and time schedules
  • Anti-passback door zones supporting 64 readers
  • Tamper switch and duress finger option
  • Capacity upto 10000 fingerprint templates ,5000 users and 50000 log events
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  • BioStation


Incorporating Suprema’s industry-leading fingerprint recognition algorithm, BioStation offers a perfect solution for time attendance and access control. With a color LCD and high quality sound, BioStation provides a different level of user interaction using multimedia information. Versatile interface options including wireless LAN and USB memory slot enable easy network integration and data transfer without any wiring.

  • Display messages, video, animation and photos to convey various information and notices
  • Easy network integration and data transfer from PC using wireless network without cabling
  • Identify 3,000 fingerprints in 1 second and store maximum 400,000 templates and 1,000,000 events in internal memory
  • Offer a wide selection in authentication mode and easy security system upgrade from EM, HID Prox or Smart card reader
  • Easy data transfer to PC or other BioStations using a USB memory device
  • 16 bit Hi-Fi sound for background music, sound effect and voice instruction
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  • BioStation-T2


The new BioStation T2 blends loads of innovative features with Suprema’s sophisticated ngerprint recognition technology. Its powerful dual-CPU engine ensures seamless operation and internal camera captures face image logs(snap shots) for extra level of security. Sealed in a at-panel front glass and rened dimensions, it provides intuitive and aesthetic GUI on easy-to-use touchscreen LCD. In addition to its extensive communication interfaces, BioStation T2 also supports embedded web server which provides convenience system management over its IP-based access control system.

  • 5” touchscreen LCD with easy-to-use GUI
  • Camera for face image capture
  • Preloaded with BioStar Lite embedded web server
  • 1:3,000 matches in one second, 200k users/1 million logs
  • IP based video and audio interface or analog video phone
  • Versatile Interfaces: PoE, WiFi, TCP/IP, RS485/232, Wiegand, relay
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  • D-Station


D-Station’s Multi-Biometric Fusion Technology™ is a perfect blend of fingerprint and face recognition technologies which delivers incredible matching accuracy and speed that no other biometric devices have ever achieved. Bursting with a loads of innovative features like touch screen LCD, dual finger sensors, megapixel camera and powerful tri-CPU parallel processing, it offers extreme performance with extra usability. The new D-Station, it opens a whole new generation of biometric access control.

  • Powerful Tri-CPU Parallel Processing System
  • Ultra-wide Touch Screen LCD with Intuitive GUI
  • IP Access Control with PoE & WiFi
  • Built-in Camera for Image and Video Interlace
  • Capacity upto 400,000 (1:1),20,000 (1:N) templates ,200,000 users and 1,000,000 log events
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  • FaceStation


The new FaceStation is a dedicated face recognition terminal which provides a perfect combination of convenience and high security. Optimizing Suprema’s renowned biometric technology combined with state-of-the-art hardware, FaceStation allows fast and accurate access control security like no other product in the market . FaceStation comes with a wide array of features & functions,which can be assessed through a intuitive touch screen GUI. The device also features embedded web server for easier device control, and supports both analog and digital video phone integration.

  • Allows fast & easy face recognition with higher security
  • 4.3” touchscreen LCD with easy-to-use GUI
  • Preloaded with BioStar Lite embedded web server
  • Covers up to 10,000 users with powerful dual CPU
  • Versatile Interfaces: PoE, WiFi, TCP/IP, RS485/232, Wiegand, relay
  • IP based video and audio interface or analog video phone
  • Built-in Card Reader :13.56MHz Mifare/DesFire
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  • X-Station


Suprema X-Station is an evolution of access control card reader. In its ultra slim and sleek design, X-Station features a variety of functions including RF card and PIN authentication, TCP/IP interface and comprehensive time and attendance features. With a 3.5 inch touchscreen LCD and intuitive GUI,X-Station provides exceptional usability for both users and system administrators. Featuring face detection technology with a built-in camera, X-Station can record up to 5,000 face image logs for extra level of security and attendance records.

  • Intuitively designed GUI to provide enhanced usability for users and administrators
  • Features face detection technology to record face image logs to prevent buddy punching
  • 4 separate congurable function keys for T&A events like in/out and duty in/out events to oer quick and easy attendance check
  • 667 MHz processor to allow fast and seamless device operation and processing
  • IP-based system topology to provide extra flexibility in system design and reduce cost on installation and maintenance
  • Internal CPU and various interfaces to provide both access reader and controller functionalities in a single device
  • Capacity upto 5,000 faceslogs ,200,000 users and 1,000,000 log events
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  • Xpass


Xpass is a smart IP based access control unit providing high-level security for small-to-medium sized systems to larger enterprise-level systems. Featuring next generation IP access control system structure, Xpass act as a smart reader and controller with distributed intelligence concept. With its RS485 and Wiegand interfaces, it can also fit in your legacy systems. Xpass is fully compatible with Suprema’s BioStar systems, offering extra flexibility of biometric IP access control systems to meet different needs and requirements.

  • IP enabled distributed access control system by ethernet (DHCP or static IP) and RS485 interfaces
  • Communication and power over a simple CAT5 or 6 cable/supplies up to 600mA of 12Vdc to locking devices
  • Controls up to 40,000 users, 128 time schedules, 128 access groups and 64 zones
  • Rugged structure for outdoor installation, operates between -20ū ~ 50ū
  • Direct lock relay and Wiegand connection/ command card operation (add/delete users)
  • Slim and sleek size for narrow door frames/ multi-color LED & buzzer for indication
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  • Xpass-Slim


Xpass Slim is a multi-smartcard reading IP access controller providing advanced features of high-end IP access controller. Packed in an aesthetic, ultra slim design, the device is sized to t US, EU and Asian gang boxes and features IP65 ingress protection for extra durability. With the concept of IP based distributed system structure, Xpass Slim functions as an access reader as well as a controller. The device also supports RS485 and Wiegand interface for exible integration and oers multi-card reading feature for most of smartcard standards.

  • 13.56MHz ISO14443A/B, ISO15693, Mifare(CSN), Inside(CSN), Felica(CSN)
  • Sized to t gangbox(switchbox) for easier installation
  • 11.4mm super slim and aesthetic design
  • Versatile interfaces - TCP/IP. RS485, Wiegand interface
  • Supports up to 40,000 users and 50,000 logs
  • Supports up to 128 user groups and 64 zones
  • Simple wiring by featuring IP based distributed system and controls locks and sub-devices with relays and Wiegand
  • Command cards for on-device user edit (add/delete)
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